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    AccuSift Sieves       10x magnus golf head loupe  
  Display Box   AccuSift Sieves   LED Lamps   Jewelry Cleaning Cloth   10x Golf Head Loupe  
Rushit, the premier name in Diamond Industry, now brings another exclusive and premium product for the Diamonds & Gemstones. industry – a Display Box & Tray to show off solitaire diamonds and gemstones to advantage.

AccuSift sieves is slimest sieve in the world it has maximum no. of holes. The Holes in our sieve are drilled to a precise calibration using the most advanced state-of-the-art laser cutting technology.

Using LED Light to maximize the slimness & brightness allows our product to be simple minimal design form.

Ultra-Fine Micro-Filaments Guarantee the Effectiveness of DREAMS Cleaning Cloth.

It is made of wide-angled 10X triplet lens. Lens enables extremely high resolution image. Silicon Rubber packaging for easy hand carry.

  Inox Tweezer Golf Tweezer Diamond Bruting Wheel Rushit Sorting Pad   Rushit Diamond Marker  
The smooth rubber grip means they are not only comfortable to hold, but a comfort to work for long hours
sandblasted precision grip - so finely serrated and finished, you can lock on easily to even the smallest diamonds and hold them without damaging their girdle.
Diamond Bruting Wheel to be used for Polishing and Bruting of Natural Diamonds.
The smooth Glazing Paper is non scratch and extra flat surface provides a neat and comfortable working environment for sorting stones.
Rushit Diamond Marker available in Black, Blue, Red & Green colors.
  Magnus Tripod            
It is made of wide-angled 10X triplet lens.Magnus Power Lens enables extremely high resolution image.
Rushit Parcel Papers are manufactured from a very High Refined Pulp.
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