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Rough diamond DTC sieves

Laser Precision Technology with Accusift Sieves, Superior laser technology means that the holes in our plates are drilled to an extremely exact calibration – ensuring 100% precision and consistency in each hole diameter. This means, while sifting the diamonds, you can be rest assured that every single diamond that is bigger than the hole diameter will stay on the plate without falling off. Benefit? You can sift and number more diamonds with less effort, less waste of time.

200% Faster, Accurate Sifting the holes in our Accusift Sieve plates are drilled to a precise calibration using the most advanced state-of-the-art laser cutting technology - guaranteeing 100% accuracy and consistency in the hole diameters. This means double the work advantage for you.

Maximum Number of Holes during bulk sifting of diamonds with ordinary plates, not all the diamonds reach the sieve holes. But in our laser precision-designed sieve plates, you get more than double the number of holes – this means more number of diamonds reach the sieve holes and get accurately sifted.