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Assortment of inlays with Monza R6-P We have good assortment of inlays with the latest chip, Monza R6-P from Impinj.The wide variety of lineup covers other industries as well as apparel products like heavy & light clothing, accessories and sundries.Our antenna design makes it possible to read from further distance compared to former type, and also many RFID tags at one time.Please contact us for details.

TR-02 inlay Inlet (size: 33mm horizontal x 45mm vertical) suits for both small tags (lady's and light clothing) and large tags (men's and heavy clothing) for apparel brand tags. Moreover, adapting common inlay for all tag sizes stabilizes the scan distance and ensures high accurate performance for the inventory check.

Jewellery and Accessories inlay Inlet (size: 79mm horizontal x 7mm vertical) was developed for accessories, jewelry and other small items. Making the loop itself the antenna, tag can be the smallest than ever. The scan distance is comparable to normal size inlet. Even small products, it's possible to read all together without much time and effort.