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Led Lamp

Rushit LED Lamps

Light: LED 7W
Light Color/k: White Type/ 6500K
Size: W145mm x D160 x H 400mm
Full Length: 455mm
Switch: Push ON/OFF

Using LED Light to maximize the slimness & brightness allows our product to be simple minimal design form. The Light Distribution design allows strong LED light to convert to light and spread softly throughout the room. Eye Friendly and economically light will be he gold standards for indoor lighting in the future.

Tools should be extension of hands and hence we focus mainly on the development of simple and easy-to-use desk lights. Desk lights are usually not the main attraction on the desk. Therefore they should be inconspicuous. but elegant and quiet with smooth movement.

Attractive light arm structure.
Its minimal parts allows for a slim and simple design and easier movement. The built in spring in the arm is not visible from the exterior. but it maintains exquisite balance between resistance and friction providing the arm with a soft and smooth range of motion.

LED is a bright immediately after turning on and does not get too hot. making it a useful new light source. In addition, it has a long life and saves electricity. Rushit LED Lamp is an eye friendly, white LED made in Japan; it turns on by circuit without any flickering. The technology was originally developed for radiating heat efficiently through 3layers of materials. The design can provide compatible reservoir of brightness sufficient for desk light, while being functionally thin.

our products incorporate new lighting technology, a simple easy to use, modern design and delicate arm movement unique to Japanese products.