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Ultra Fine Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

Ultra-Fine Micro-Filaments Guarantee the Effectiveness of DREAMS Cleaning Cloth.
Dreams cleaning cloth is made out of super fine fibers- born out of the leading edge technology of Teijin forming conjugate yarn made out of nylon and polyester are alternatively laid inside the same nozzle and divided in to 16fibers by means of series of chemical process. In this way are born micro thin sides and sharp edges- a super fine fiber truly befitting the name of Teijin.

1 Micro Particles cleaned off with micro fiber!
Dusting off micro particles naturally requires a micro fine cloth made of micron-thin fibers. Dreams cloth using sharp edged super fine fibers with micro thin sides, is finished in to a cloth with an ideal micro structure by means of our special high density processing. No Fine dust or dirt can possibly escape from Dreams cleaning cloth. it is all dusted off!!

2 Highest Degree of Cleanliness
Thanks to Super Fine Filament. Dreams Cleaning Cloth is thoroughly cleaned with super pure water to eliminate any dust or dirt adhered to it during production. Then it is clean-packed for the highest degree of cleanliness. Its cleanliness far exceeds that of any other wiping cloth.

3. Incredible friction resistance - Use it as many times as you want
Dreams Cleaning Cloth even after 2000 test abrasions showed no napping of its fiber structure. this proves that the polyester/ nylon used in Dreams cleaning has far more tougher friction resistance than natural fiber of regenerated fiber, never shedding during use, proving it durable enough for repeated cleaning any use.